The Holy Grail of Sex Toys

Wil McLean is a personal trainer massage therapist and sexual educator. He is the only guy in the country who is renting out the Sybian, which is supposed to be the greatest sex toy ever created. I asked Wil to explain what the big deal is. 
You can google the Sybian to see what it looks like, I’m going to illustrate this piece with pictures of Kate Upton and Ryan Gosling.




How did you get into this business?

I got into the Sybian project as an extension of my work with sex toys and the industry in general. When I was 22 I worked at the Condom Shack and eventually my relationships with the suppliers I met there grew to a point where I was writing copy and reviews for their products. It was something I maintained over the years, writing and educating through workshops and seminars on sexual techniques and toy use. The Sybian is kind of the holy grail of sex toys. It’s been around since the eighties but because it’s cost prohibitive (and can be intimidating), very few people get to try one first hand. So after running the Sybian for other companies, I decided to invest and launch SybianToronto.

As far as I know I’m the only person doing it aside from a company in Vegas and one in the UK. After 14 years of working with toys, there really isn’t anything like the Sybian. It gives the user an entirely different and unique type of orgasm that can’t be achieved by anything else I’ve encountered yet. It’s crazy and often a huge awakening for most people.




How do you show it to clients?

There are several ways in which I show it to potential clients. Often their first exposure to it through media (like Howard Stern who will often get his guests to ride it) or through pornography. Much of the time when I am contacted or someone meets me at a trade show, they are already curious about the machine. At trade shows and exhibits, I will have a unit set up so people can see the machine in action. At sex friendly shows like the Everything to do with Sex show, I will have a unit that can be ridden by those bold enough to do so in front of an audience. The device is powerful enough that the vibration can be felt right through clothing so no nudity is necessary (unless they want to use a penetrative attachment which isn’t allowed in public) so a lot of women will just ride it with their clothes on. My job as a controller is to operate it to give them the best experience but also to make them feel comfortable enough to relax and enjoy the moment. When I operate the device in sex positive environments like at Oasis Aqua Lounge, it’s a different thing altogether because it’s a public sex environment. There I act as controller or teach couples how to enjoy it together. Because of the sex positive and adventurous nature of the clientele there, they can use the insertable attachments and are often bolstered on by an audience. For private rentals, I’ll come and set it up, show the renter how to clean it and give them a tutorial on how to get the best experience out of it whether alone or with a partner. Then I leave them to it and come pick it up the next day.
Usually they’re still smiling when I come to get it, nobody has a bad time on the Sybian.


It sounds like the greatest sex toy ever, so why do people rent it? Why doesn’t everyone buy their own?

To buy one it starts at $1450 and with attachments, freight and taxes it ends up being about $1800 all in. It rents for $175 for 24 hours and $100 for each additional day if you choose to keep it longer. For private parties it rents for
$200 for four hours if I come and operate it.


This is a rental sex toy, how do you keep it clean?

Hygiene of course is a huge factor for anything that is used this intimately. Because of that I use hospital protocols to clean and disinfect the unit before and after each use. I use a product called Biotext which is a spray on sterilant agent that is body safe (skin contact is fine) which is sprayed onto the device and into all the nooks and crannies and left on for 5-8 minutes (it has a 5min kill rate for all fluid born viruses and bacterias) while I explain to the next rider what to expect. Then I wipe that down and clean it again with another more gentle sterilant to remove any residue from the biotext. It’s the same product and protocol that dentists (and most tattoo parlors) use for their equipment that can’t be placed in an autoclave. A lot of people of course have hang ups (understandably) about the device being shared with others but once you accept the idea that it’s as sterile as an operating room (and probably more clean than most partners) then it’s easier to let go and enjoy it.




Typically how many orgasms does it give in a session?

As for the record number of individual of orgasms, it’s hard to gauge.
What makes the Sybian interesting is that it trains the rider to think beyond singular orgasms. Because of the distinct amplitude of the vibration, you don’t get that usual overly sensitive clitoris that most women experience after an orgasm with a vibrator. The vibration of the Sybian is so rumbling and powerful that it stimulates the corpus cavernosum, the extended structure of the clitoris inside your pelvis. That means a deeper and more intense full body orgasm without the resulting sensitivity. So rather than counting individual orgasm, you get used to having longer and longer prolonged orgasms. The longest of which I’ve timed is about eight minutes or so sustained.

Most riders average at about 8-12 minutes the first time around and then work their way up to about 15-18 minutes per ride. But I’ve had riders that go for 30-40 minutes and just control the waves of orgasms over and over.

It’s something you learn to get used to and helps break down the mental barrier that you can only have or a couple and then you’re done.

With the right control you can have as many orgasms for as long as you can stay up.


Obviously you’re all going to be calling Wil for a Sybian rental this weekend. 

Here’s the best Kate Upton shot for last.





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4 Responses to “The Holy Grail of Sex Toys”

  1. Jack Kirchhoff
    March 20, 2014 at 6:22 am #

    A whole side of you I knew nothing about, Ivy. In the early 1990s, I interviewed Susie Bright while she was on tour to promote a book. Among the many, many interesting things we talked about was the Sybian, which Susie and her partners had just started selling at Good Vibrations, their San Francisco sex-toys store. She told me the salesman — yes, salesMAN — had showed them a selection of penetrating accessories, in different sizes, and told them the company was recommending the small one. Susie thought that was a riot. “Only a man would think smaller was better,” she said.

  2. Wil McLean
    March 22, 2014 at 7:02 pm #

    As a salesMAN of the almighty sybian, I can see why He recommended the smaller of the attachments. The main benefits of such a large power station and dual motors is the depth and intensity of the vibration. It’s a low powerful rumble that build to a deep penetrating vibration. The larger the attachment used the less that vibration is felt because the larger volume creates less space for the attachment to move. Using a smaller attachment gives more “wiggle” room and space for the attachment to rotate while vibrating which creates more of a tapping vibration especially on or around the g-spot. The bigger attachments change the feeling of the machine, creating a more full feeling but reducing the g-spot focus and making the machine better suited for rocking or riding.


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